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Avram Davidson

Limekiller by Avram Davidson


Edited by Grania Davis & Henry Wessells

Introductions by Lucius Shepard & Peter S. Beagle with afterwords by Grania Davis & Ethan Davidson

"The strange adventures of Jack Limekiller . . . must rank among the best short fantasies written by anyone in the last ten to fifteen years."

Gardner Dozois

Limekiller contain six of the Limekiller stories set in the British colony of British Hidalgo in Central America.

The country of British Hidalgo exists on no map known to contemporary geographers, yet this tiny Central American country is richly evoked in the writings of Avram Davidson (official web site).  The stories featuring Jack Limekiller are rooted in Davidson's two-month visit to British Honduras in 1965 – 1966, when the question of independence was a burning issue in the colony.  Davidson also drew upon his experiences during a prolonged period of residency circa 1968 – 1969.  Not long after Davidson's visits, British Honduras became the independent country of Belize.

"Too often books published after the death of their author are ill-considered tribute volumes or collections of stuff that should have been allowed to languish on an abandoned hard-drive.  Limekiller is something else.  It is a book that has slipped through time, a major book by a writer at the height of his powers that should have been published during his lifetime, but wasn't.  It ranks easily amongst the best and most important books of the year, and we owe our grateful thanks to the publisher for finally allowing us to see it."
— Jonathan Strahan, Locus November 2003
"It's been a sadder world since Avram left. But the publication of a new Davidson collection turns the sun on for awhile. The Limekiller stuff is prime Avram"
— Harlan Ellison
"What I myself love most about Davidson is his prose, conversational, digressive, stippled with archaisms and odd learning.  Yet this restless voice — a style with a kind of attention deficit disorder — can also mimic every sort of speech.  In "Bloody Man", for instance, Davidson dazzles by offering a half-dozen different registers of English, from the high-tone British university diction of an archbishop to the Caribbean inflected slang of the black Baymen — and he gets them all down perfectly in a strange tale about a wounded ghost in need of benediction.  There are five other stories here, equally idiosyncratic and unforgettable, including the spooky, wonderfully titled "Manatee Gal, Won't You Come Out Tonight?"
— Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World, 7 December 2003
"Avram Davidson's Limekiller stories, filled with high-intensity language and a rainbow imagination, show him at his exotic best.  If this is a rediscovery, we hope for more like it."
— Lloyd Alexander

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