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Ken MacLeod

The True Knowledge of Ken MacLeod Edited by Andrew M. Butler and Farah Mendlesohn

The True Knowledge of Ken MacLeod

Edited by Andrew M. Butler and Farah Mendlesohn

published by The Science Fiction Foundation

"There are two sides to the true knowledge, and you have forgotten one of them"

Ken MacLeod, The Cassini Division

Ken MacLeod is one of the most significant writers to emerge from British science fiction in the last decade.  Lauded on both sides of the Atlantic, his novels explore political and utopian thought with intelligence, wit and a satiric eye.  His first novel, The Star Fraction, was hailed as "a successful comic Trotskyist science fiction novel" and yet went on to win the Prometheus Award given by the Libertarian Futurist Society.

This volume is the first attempt to examine MacLeod's work in depth, bringing together works by John H. Arnold, K. V. Bailey, Neal Baker, James Brown, Adam Frisch, Joan Gordon, Farah Mendlesohn, John Newsinger and Andy Wood and interviews with MacLeod by Andrew M. Butler and Andy Sawyer.  It covers not only the Fall Revolution Quartet and the Engines of Light Trilogy, but also MacLeod's polemics and poetry.  The essays discuss his politics and analyse the ideological history from which they emerge.  They also explore his place in the history of science fiction, the rights of the posthuman and the ethics of genocide.

In addition there are contributions from Ken MacLeod himself: a re-examination of fellow Scot lain M. Banks's Consider Phlebas and a groundbreaking attempt to link Marxism, science fiction and the longing for apocalypse and utopia.

The cover artwork by Colin Odell has won the 2003 British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Artwork.

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