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Stephen Baxter



by Stephen Baxter

published by the British Science Fiction Association

Mr Baxter comes over as a civilised, moderate exponent of the "hard SF" viewpoint. A contrasting voice to (and sometimes critical of) the Heinleinian, reductionist, tough-guy posing which can disfigure this sub-genre. ... Refreshing stuff therefore, from a genre where authorial opinions can be depressingly predictable. Readable reflections from one corner of SF.
John Whitbourn, writing in SFX

Stephen Baxter is the leading British-based writer of hard science fiction and stands in the tradition of H. G. Wells and Sir Arthur C. Clarke.  He has won the John Campbell Memorial Award, the British Science Fiction Association Award twice, the Philip K. Dick Award twice, the Kurd Lasswitz Award, the Seiun Award and has been nominated for many others.

This volume, published by the British Science Fiction Association, is a collection of Stephen Baxter's non-fiction and fiction, some of it appearing for the first time.  In this book you can read about his collaboration with Sir Arthur C. Clarke on The Light of Other Days, about his research into the Moon, Titan and past-viewers in science fiction and about Wells's Time Traveller and Time Machine.  You can also gain insights into writers like Robert A. Heinlein and Philip K. Dick and advice on how to write science fiction from a leading practitioner.  Here also is the story of space exploration as it might have been.

This book offers a unique glimpse into the world view of a leading modern science fiction writer and the writing of novels like The Time Ships, Voyage, Titan, Moonseed and others.  And as a bonus, two rare short stories by Stephen Baxter are collected here for the first time.

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